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Rex Heuremann’s Home LISK Suspect Rex Heuremann Home

Search Warrants at the Home of Suspected LISK Rex Heuremann

Search warrants at the home of suspected LISK Rex Heuremann, wrapped up in Massapequa with authorities removing dozens of bags and boxes from the home. The alleged suspect, Rex Heuremann, was arrest back in July of 2023 and an eleven day search warrant was conducted back then. So, what has changed now?


What’s the Connection Between Manorville, Gilgo, and N. Massapequa?

Nassau, Suffolk, and the NYPD, brought cadaver dogs to Manorville, the Pine Barrens, and the North Sea. What significance do these places hold in the quest to find LISK? The first partial body case in Manorville was discovered on November 19, 2000. On July 27, 2003, the torso of another young woman was found in/on plastic bags off of Halsey Road in Manorville. Both of these victims had remains recovered in April 2011 in Gilgo Beach during the search of Shannan Gilbert.

Breaking News Coverage on Rex Heuremann

Watch the Breaking News Coverage on True Crime with the Sarge with writer, director, and producer of the Killing Season, Josh Zeman, Laura Ingle from NewsNation, Raul Montero from Catch LISK, and retired NYPD Detective Michael J. Alcazar.

The police also searched the North Sea area of Long Island where the body of Sandra Costilla as discovered. It was long believed that Sandra’s murdered was tied to convicted killer, John Bittrolff, but who knows? 

One thing investigators will tell you over and over again: They don’t believe in coincidences. After five days of searching in known locations were victims were found, who were then tied to Gilgo Beach, only to find themselves (the police) back executing a search warrant at the home of Rex Heuremann, is not a coincidence. The question remains, what did they find out east that led them to the probable cause to return to the home of LISK? 


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